28 January 2010

ooh, ooh, meeee!!!

i recently got dental insurance.

i was reading over the coverage plan and it struck me that dental insurance is cheap, and for the most part it works really well compared to its big sister health insurance.

all preventative care is covered 100%. it is once you start needing stuff fixed that they drop it to 80% and when you start really screwing up* that they only cover 50%.

this whole "pay for preventative care" angle makes a lot more sense to me than the "pay per service" or the "take this prescription and go away, that will be $50 please" models for health "care".

just saying.

*"screwing up" is a relative term. i speak from the experience of having teeth replaced after an accident.

27 January 2010

happy birthday, rW.

happy birthdayrW and I went to the Hirshorn for his birthday yesterday.

I took this picture of us in the Sculpture Garden. This sculpture has two way mirror glass doors that open and you can go inside. At least we think you are allowed to go in--otherwise why would it have a door and not be locked?

The day rounded out with stops at a record shop, vintage clothing boutique, a snack at Teaism, and dinner seated at the bar of our favourite local hole-in-the-wall.

There were also presents and a brownie with a candle in it at the bar. =)

low key yet very fun.

23 January 2010

i've been working on laLAaalaaa all the live long day...

February lady sweaterlook! I finally finished the February Lady sweater. (February 17 2009-December 22 2009, with many breaks!)

i can't keep a consistent update schedule.

my life seems to have changed a lot since i started a blog. I have always been busy, but the sort of busy I am now just doesn't mesh well with writing about it. the major reason for this, of course, is my change in job.

i rarely design costumes at this point--partially the economy and partially burn out--and i have been teaching more and more. I started with 2 classes. this quarter i teach 3, and next quarter i will teach 4. really, i just don't feel right talking about my teaching job in a public forum. i love teaching my subjects, and most of the time my students are pretty great. i don't need to talk about the exceptions to that rule!

i don't know if this means i will close down shop or not.

tractor sweater(pssst... look Tractor Sweater for Collin. christmas present--i can do intarsia! sorta.)

the blog isn't hurting anything sitting here, and maybe i will come back when i feel like writing more about my knitting. i have been doing more knitting than writing about it, but overall i am making less progress on projects (time!) i also have taken on a host of new or revived hobbies.

i am trying to maintain my sewing and increase my reading, cooking, documentary watching, and picture taking. i have also taken up crossword puzzles (because i am historically bad at them) and invested a new level of interest in fitness activities. you will notice many of my other activities involve being stationary. i do not want to be a round cat lady knitting on her couch when i am in my late thirties.

i don't know if i will try to garden in pots again this year. if i do i think it will only be tomato plants in some 5 gallon buckets. i need to keep it simple.

here is a project i can share! i made an online portfolio.

and if i am being a blog slacker, you can always look at my yarn antics on ravelry.

shamrocks rockstranded colorwork oh, my!