23 August 2011

oh, dear.

things have become mighty dusty around here.

on sunday my aunt and i were talking about how i never blog anymore.  it was a great way to let her and other family members know what i am up to, but i have been up to too much to have time to blog about it!  maybe i just don't have enough of that look at me! impulse.

the same day we had that talk, i started running for the first time in my life.  i hate running.  i hate the idea of running.  running is something you do when being chased by a lion. or a bear.  or a maniac with a chainsaw.  (i abhor chainsaws.)  given i hate running so much, i think i am going to be prone to whining about it as i try to become good at it, so i think i will whine here.

several of my friends are doing or have completed the c25k program, and they have recommended it highly.  the idea of building up to actual running appeals to me.  so for about a month i have been staying serious about my strength training and shopping.

the shopping was completely justified.  i needed the equipment.  i hate shorts, so i had to go out and buy some.  i also replaced the circa 2004 ipod mini with a new (to me, i bought it refurbished) ipod nano so i could do the c25k podcasts.  finally, new shoes.  i had already workout shoes, but i only wear them indoors on carpet so my terrible carpet doesn't get any more terrible.

sunday: week 1, day 1
i made it.  and it sorta sucked.  i decided to run on the residential streets in my neighborhood because there is less traffic.  this was great for avoiding cars but a really bad idea for day one of my training.  we have hills.  lots of hills.

the many hills paired with my overcompensating to ensure i not land on my heel made my calf muscles scream.  after a lot of stretching and a hot bath, i lived to tell, but a new route was needed.

happily, i underestimated how much distance i can cover so the path was a little convoluted, but it was a nice boost to my ego after several "oh, $%&*! i am going to face plant down this hill!" episodes.  that brings us up to today...

tuesday: week 1, day 2
today i chose to run into DC and through downtown tkpk to get back home.  the terrain was much flatter, but there were so many distractions.  plus more car encounters.  those paired with uncooperative headphone wires and my ID constantly trying to creep up out of my sports bra made today....interesting.  i had a really hard time keeping my eyes on target far enough ahead.  i think my posture was all over the place.

i worked on my foot strike to reduce the calf soreness, but i am certainly not there yet.  my toes became numb halfway through.  i also learned i can take a short cut in my route to shorten it (i was done about 1/3-1/4 mile from home) that will avoid downtown tkpk during the morning flock to the metro.

i was much happier with my hamstrings stretches post run. Old Lefty is still being a jerk and won't loosen up as much as Righty.  I have my eye on you, buddy.

so, i made it.
and i restarted the blog.  all in one day.  i will get around to cleaning up the rest of the blog page on the weekend maybe.