21 April 2008

again and again

i am back in tech.
i am working on #4 out of 5 in the big spring tour de force that is my working life. come mid may i am going to pass out for an entire week. during that week or break, i will only work at the shop. and clean my apartment top to bottom. and sleep. and knit. i have some crafty news.

1. i bought the yarn and needles to begin the baptism shawl for my future niece/nephew. this is a project jess knows i am making, so i am cool with sharing the details. we shall see if pictures go up. can't decide if i want to try to surprise her a little.

2. i knit a few rows on the cashmere scarf because it is simple an di could do it in a very dim theatre.

3. i knit a few rounds on the gathered pullover because i can knit that in complete darkness.

4. the cross stitch project i am currently working on is a warm-up to something bigger. the current is a set of very small (and too cute) winnie the pooh characters that will be for the new person's room. i have pooh, piglet, and eeyore finished. i started tigger and i will probably get him done by the end of the week. i need to learn how to make better french knots so i can really finish each of them (they need knots for eyes) and frame them for hanging. they are moving right along, however!

i think i will keep the bigger project a secret for now.

last thing....
i hurt myself pretty badly at rehearsal last night. i even had to fill out accident report forms. i slipped in a puddle of water and fell into a chair sideways. my backside and lower back are nice and stiff and my shoulder/neck/arm are all manner of screwed up. boo.

advil is my friend. but beer actually makes it feel best.


Anonymous said...

But what about beer and Advil? Now, you're talking.

Rhonda said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds like you are really busy this season.

Skip the beer and advil. Go straight for the beer..LOL!

Kevin said...

compromise: a shot (glass) of advil with a beer chaser! :)