11 May 2008

happy mother's day, clytemnestra.

last night we opened The Oresteia. finally! it was a huge show, and getting it up on its feet made me feel less than human for the last 2-3 weeks. i am happy with my work, but if i had another week there would be a little less "quick and dirty" hiding behind the lovely exterior of these garments.

check it out...

Constellation Theatre Company Presents..

The Oresteia

by Aeschylus
translated by Robert Fagles
adapted and directed by Allison Arkell Stockman

May 9- June 1
Clark Street Playhouse

design by: A.J. Guban and Yvette M. Ryan

original music performed live by:
Tom Teasley

Joe Brack, Katy Carkuff, Jennifer Crooks, Misty Demory, Nick DePinto, Kevin Finkelstein, Gwen Grastorf, Theo Hadjimichael, Brian Hemmingsen, Keith Irby, Nanna Ingvarsson, Ashley Ivey, Elizabeth Jernigan, Hilary Kacser, Lisa Lias, Kenny Littlejohn, Beckett Martin, Meghan Nesmith, Anne Nottage, Kevin O'Reilly, Rachel Lee Poole, Julia Proctor, James Radack, Julie Roundtree, Joe Thornhill, Amy Quiggins, Jjana Valentiner, Ron Ward, Lindsay Kitt Wiebe.

buy tickets here.

i will share pictures as soon as we get them back.

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Unknown said...

Yvette's costumes rock! Go see the show!!