03 June 2008

too much. too much. much too much.

this past weekend my mother came for a visit. it was a long and crazy weekend. we went to two knits shops (where she got yarn for 2 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks), drank martinis, visited with my aunt's family, drank mojitos, visited with one of my college roommates, drank coffee, saw two plays in one day, delighted in avocados, spent 1h, 45m at the MVA, had the worst waiter ever, and she met my boyfriend.

it was pretty awesome.

in addition she finished a baby blanket and i finished my sweater, although the sweater and i have not fully made peace. it is currently too big, and after it finishes drying from the good blocking i gave it today, it will probably undergo surgery.

if it cannot be saved, i may give it away to a knitting girlfriend it looks better on or give it to my little cousin. she has more athletic build than me, and it would probably look fantastic on her.

i suppose my third option is eating cream puffs until i fill it out or saving it in case i ever have a baby. ha.
blocking pullover


Ron said...

it looks REALLY good - - - too bad my mom is, well a little chubby, i'd buy it from you for a gift for her... ;-) (it wouldn't fit her)

dandelionpicker said...

The sweater turned out great. I'm working on the same thing right now. I think mine turned out too small though! Its hard to tell though cause my friend that I'm knitting it for lives in LA and I'm in Cleveland so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!

Cactusneedles said...

I like that green color. Shows off the cable nicely.