09 July 2008

many days of busy

stuff i have done since my last post.

1. start and brought to 90% completion a new knitting project.

2. helped rW move across state lines.

3. attend 2 fun 4th of july parties.

4. cut my finger badly (hampering my knitting badly) at work. try to slice a bit off my thumb cooking dinner. scratch the heck out of my arm carrying (wait for it....) empty moving boxes to storage. bruise my shins at both work and the move. and acquired a mystery bruise on my elbow that is roughly a 2" oval and presents a different variety of colors daily.

5. 10 successful costume fittings in under 2 hours.

6. experimented with claritin and benadryl to relieve my intense allergies.

7. slept more than usual for a pre-tech week because said allergies make me tired. i love oxygen.

8. attended a season selection meeting for one theatre company.

9. began designing a season opener for a university theatre.

10. finished the paper designing of a season opener for one of my favourite companies.

11. sewn two mock-ups of a wedding gown.

12. made a straight jacket. custom sized. hell, yeah.

13. stitched a shower curtain out of late 1950s atomic style radio print cotton.

14. organized my yarn stash: 1 medium sized tub of planned projects. 1 under-the-bed tub of scraps, odd balls, and leftovers. 1 freezer (small!) door of sock yarn.

15. made plans.....

i now long to clean out my books, sort my grad school leftovers, and sew myself a dress out of 1950s toaster print material i have been schlepping since 2002.


penguingirl said...

got your message. are you coming on sunday to opening, or are you in tech?

Cactusneedles said...

Wow! That's about all I can say! Take care:)