01 June 2009

fruit favoured weekend

strawberry boozerW and i had another weekend of activity, and i think, good times. we went out to the Butler's Orchard and picked strawberries on saturday morning.

it was lots of fun. right off 270 is this little nook of farmland with berries and flowers and happy people helping city dwellers pick fresh spring treats.

rW and i picked approximately 6 quarts of berries and i turned them into...
  • freezer jam (3pts total)
  • cooked jam (3 pts total)
  • frozen smoothie berries (1/2 pt)
  • two meals of dessert (strawberries in Liqueur 43)
  • a breakfast of delight
  • Fragolo (pictured)
Fragolo is strawberry liqueur, and rW and i are making some. this is his pet project and the incentive rW has for taking me out to the country, picking berries, and carrying things for me. isn't the color pretty? all natural too.

in addition to the strawberry jams i made, i also cooked up some orange-lemon marmalade, apple jelly, and spiced honey. i have been a canning fiend.

to see pictures of all our fun and games, go here....
Strawberry Picking

garden updates soon! things have been pretty active around here!

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Cactusneedles said...

All of that sounds wonderful! I love strawberries! Take care:)