01 September 2011

mixed emotions

Week 1: Day 3
Thursday August 25

Very difficult today.
It seems like when I peel away one layer of distraction, another one then appears!  Feeling more secure in my route, the actual running was fine for the most part.  I am still working on form, of course.  The thing that got me today was the weather.

It was very sunny when I took off, and about halfway in, it started to rain.  But it remained sunny.  I couldn’t really keep my sunglasses on my face because it was so wet, but if I took them off, I couldn’t see anything.  I just tried to stay loose and continuously push up the glasses.  It stunk.

To make matters worse I had three near-falling incidents.  Some things are very slippery when wet.  Namely, manhole covers, yellow “no parking” paint on curbs, and the inset plastic grips that are installed in handicap access ramps at corners.  That last one was very surprising for me.

Stitch in my side came around the 6th interval of running,  At least I can say that today, I did not hate running so much.

Week 2, Day 1
Sunday August 28

I have been so lazy.  I didn’t do my strength training interval workout on Wednesday because my neck was in knots and Friday I was just too busy.  Adding the running to the strength training has been difficult.  I was on 3 days per week of strength/cardio and now I am 3 days per week of c25k.  1 day off just doesn’t seem to be cutting it for my body yet. 

Must find balance.

The actual running was better and worse today.  I took a friend with me, and he was doing the week 1 routine so we walked together at the beginning and end and more or less ran in proximity to one another during the intervals.  It was nice to have someone else out there.

I say it was better and worse today because I think my form is improving, but switching up the intervals showed me I was running too fast.  I know that is all mental.  I walk very fast in every day life.  People comment on it without fail.  Because I walk so fast, I feel like I should be running a lot faster than I walk, which is not feasible at this point.  At least not a lot faster. 

The good news is that after the 2nd interval of running I managed to correct myself and the new pace helped.

Week 2, Day 2
Tuesday August 30

Happy Birthday to me.  I didn’t have any birthday cake, but I did do my strength/cardio workout yesterday and my running today.  Don’t worry, I had some Utz potato chips, so it is not as if I did not indulge on the big day

I thought I was in for a disaster, but it managed to correct itself.  I had the worst stitch in my side (ever!) on the very first running interval.  It nagged me in the 2nd, but somehow it went away and I did the rest of my run with little difficulty.  I even enjoyed the weather and being outside despite the running.

For the first time while running, my tighter left hamstring acted up enough for me to notice.  It is very obnoxious when I am doing strength/cardio interval work.  I must figure out what it will take to get it to loosen up and join the party.

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