31 January 2012

my closet isn't that full

i know that anyone who must claim their closet is not that full perhaps protests a bit too much. still, i think i keep it reasonable when i could, if i really wanted to, go much further off the deep end. think Hoarders level--if i let myself.

that said, i have a lot of rules for myself.

1. be picky.
2. never full price.
3. only high quality classics or super quirky "never in, never out" pieces.
4. only dirt cheap trend pieces.
5. maintain and repair the collection.
6. no purchases that do not fit.
7. who cares how cheap it is if you will never wear it.
8. no repeats. (i will never own 12 pairs of blue jeans.)

why am i writing about my closet?

last week i was having drinks with a friend and sharing some dressing room snaps of a dress i am considering. it was suggested to me that i ought have a tumblr of pictures of me in dressing rooms because i take so many. i am not allowed to have a tumblr because it is habit forming. i am lazy about my blog, so i can throw some of that stuff on here.

like this cream puff.

silk organza and taffeta tea length party dress, early 1960s. 
this one was a keeper.  
the color is more of a champagne than off-white and the sash is a deep olive green.

label: "an original jr.theme new york"
store: Polly Sue's Vintage
location: Takoma Park, MD

obviously this is a dressing room photo. (so sad that orange plaid skirt in the background was way too huge to come home with me.)  i will post an outfit shot when i wear her.  i have designs on wearing a pair of red leather heels that are covered in hand tooled patterns.


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nona said...

Eek! Your dress is one of my finds-- I used to sell on consignment at Polly Sue's, and I'm about to take over the basement to sell my own things. It's so cool to see it find a good home!