16 March 2012

egg on everything

scallions make everything yum
it is the end of the winter quarter at work, so new and shiny pictures are languishing on my camera and in my phone.  i am still doing things.  i have some great outfits and some knitting to share, but here is a quick hit for the meantime.

eggs are everywhere in my eating life right now.  one of my best girls and i enjoy finding new ways to incorporate a fried egg on top of nearly any dish that also contains veggies and rice as the primary ingredients. (i.e. bibimbap, mujadara, etc)  i am still egging n stop as well, but i have branched out into faux frittata.

i watched a bad movie in which Harrison Ford demonstrates his professional respect for a colleague through frittata (right?!) and i have been obsessed since.  last week i was using the mini sweet peppers from trader joe's.  this week it is spinach.  they all must be covered in my true love--scallions.

anything delicious can be made more delicious by adding scallions.

i am also going to take this moment to say that i am sorry that i didn't take a better angle of the pan.  those eggs are resting in my stunningly beautiful copper and stainless skillet.  you get just a sneak of the pretty all-metal handle there.  i am in love.  one day non-stick shall no longer reside in my kitchen, and that day shall be soon(ish).  after my last birthday i decided i will no longer listen to the people tell me not to buy nice things.

apparently we are all supposed to wait until we are marrying someone and register for nice things.  forget that.  life is too short.

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