05 December 2007

shiver me ti.... just shiver.

1st snowi woke up today and what did i behold out my window? snow. that's right. winter has officially arrived in the greater DC metro area. that means my job just got a lot harder.

i grew up in the midwest where we drive to work in a level 3 snow emergency. out here they cancel schools when they have a half inch. and i know all the arguments--"we just don't have the equipment to handle all that snow!"

no, really folks....
when there is less than an inch here are the items you need: ice melt, broom, shovel (maybe). does not require snow plows or the national guard.

i know i sound like a cranky old grandma, but i have to go out into the mad hatter's convention of it all to shop my show today. snow + the mall. let me tell you how happy i am that i am still at home with my coffee.

in knitting news, i have both the pasha and the fetching going right now. pasha is coming right along, but i cannot take him on the go with me because i need to focus a bit to do short rows. i did half of the first fetching in dress rehearsal last night. now i am at the point of 5 more rows + thumb and i can cast on the second one.

country cowboy
i am knitting the fetching for my pal heather, and she picked out the yarn. girlfriend has good taste in the quality fibers department. it is a Lane Borgosesia yarn called Merino Otto Shadow and it knits like a dream. it is very similar to Karabella's Aurora 8 or Berroco's Pure Merino in feel. but the colors are "shadow" dyed. click the link to view the full color card. it is neat stuff.

heather's color is pictured at right. it knit up rather prettily. my only complaint is the names they give these colors. while i call heather's choice "Little Mermaid Green" those Trendsetter folks call it "Country Cowboy".

1. silly.
2. is there any other kind of cowboy?
3. the names of the other colorways sound like names of wild west themed romance novels.

left field:
i have noticed a trend on my blog lately. i am a total grump. or i am being snarky. i need to do something about that because i'm actually a pretty happy person in life. i'm not sure if i will be able to add that to my already daunting new years resolutions (yarn diet and taking a hard look at my finances).

we shall see.
okay. going to take a walk in the winter wonderland before i go out into the hellish part of snow season. then--more coffee!

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