05 December 2007

snow kitty

it started to snow harder, so i decided i needed to take a walk and snap a few pictures of the neighborhood all in white.

bridge 1

i live beside several foot paths that criss cross a creek. there are foot bridges that i like very much. here is the one closest to my house.

snowy avenue

the bridge leads to a avenue of trees. this little stroll is pretty in all seasons, but it can be rather difficult to photograph in the summer unless it is an exceptionally sunny day because the leaves block out the sunlight.

bridge 2

this is the second foot bridge near my house. i think this one is a little prettier than the first. maybe because there isn't a sign attached to it telling you it is a $1000 fine for dumping.

snow bamboo

we have a lot of bamboo in my neighborhood, and i think it looks extra lovely covered in snow.


first, i must say that there is no accounting for taste when it comes to lawn ornamentation. second, these guys probably wish they could fly south for the winter.


while i was out in the natural light i decided to take a picture of the first (nearly complete) fetching. pretty color! i just need to do the thumb and weave in the ends on this one. pardon the awkwardly crapped photo. i was getting pretty cold by the time i snapped this one.

snow kitty

and finally we have a snow kitty. it is coming down pretty hard out there. i was snow covered after only a 15-20 minute stroll. you can tell i come from the land of snow--we know how to bundle up! brrrr!

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