12 February 2008

i never used to care

now that i am no longer in school and don't have a roommate, i like to have the tv when i am working. keeps me company. 4 tv related things....

Pushing Daisies won't be back until the fall.


there will still be episodes of LOST shot this spring.

why didn't anyone tell me that Jeremy Sisto joined the cast of Law & Order? now i might have to watch it.... (sorry, Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths... you are some of my other favourite folks from Six Feet Under but i just don't think i can do your shows.)


Lauren Ambrose is providing one of the voices in the film version of Where the Wild Things Are!!


Anonymous said...

That Sisto dude is cool. I dig him. You're FS thinks he's hot. I don't get that. I don't shave for a day and I catch crap. That guy looks like he trying to infiltrate a terrorist group and she thinks he's hot.

And Lost is the most apptly named show ever.

Kevin said...

go to bed :)

Donna said...

Hi- How have you been? I loved catching up on your posts- i too have been suffering from the February Blahs but I hope to get my "mojo" back soon. I had a knitting catstrophe with gloves and it really set me back on my heels. i am going to try a colorful project to pick me up. Good for you - only knitting from your stash-the beanie looks very dashing- take care and i will be down in D.C. in May so maybe we can meet at the shop!