07 February 2008

same project, different yarn

fingerless mittsi can finally reveal my first finished project of the year. these are the fingerless mitts i knit for penguingirl's birthday. i call them the "30 and fabulous" mitts. because every girl needs something happy and frivolous when she meets a milestone.

if you want to read about the pattern and such, go have a look at the previous post i did on the 2nd version of this project.

i'm so lazy. not doing full project details anymore. but i am trying to cut myself a little slack. 'tis better to post pretty pictures to share than to go silent all together.

in other news.... facebook is strange.

a friend i really wanted to get in touch with again lured me in, and now loads of folks are adding me as a friend.... and i am way lame at doing up the features. maybe because i don't entirely "get" the point of some of it.

i find it sort of funny that facebook baffles me (myspace, on the other hand, freaks me out) yet i love ravelry. just add yarn and i am good to go.

project-wise i am back on the cashmere scarf until i can more time to return to the gathered pullover... which i still hope to finish this month. keep your fingers crossed for me.


penguingirl said...

thanks for the 30 and fabulous mitts! Been a little warm lately for them, but I look forward to taking them to vermont!

Marietta said...

i am a huge fan of that fingerless mitts pattern - i have made several pairs in many different weights!