09 March 2008


yesterday we had very high winds here in the DC area. the theatre i was working in had a series of power surges that screwed with the lights (we were working upstairs by i hear the show that was running downstairs was made rather special by this event) and when i got home there was a surprise waiting for me.

that is half a pine tree that feel down out of our yard onto the cul-de-sac. picture if from my kitchen on the third floor. the branches hit my neighbor's car. he was fortunate it didn't do much damage. i heard from my other neighbors that what i saw was pretty good because there was significant clean up before i got home.

the hanging wires are just cable lines (so we have no cable. thank you to my neighbors for sharing their wireless with me until we get it fixed.) but the truck you see in the corner of the shot is the power company coming to untangle them from the power lines.

never a dull moment!

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Donna said...

Wow,that storm was something wasn't it. We had green lighting! GREEN! really, GREEN! It was scary. Glad you didn't loose your power. I love your mittens, great color (kinda like our lighting- green-really!) Will be in your area in May for graduation-maybe we can get together or shop our favorite yarn store! I will be in touch and try not to work too hard.