26 March 2008

i am truly wicked

god 1i must be wicked because there has been no rest for me. i have worked and worked and worked for the entire week before leaving to see my family and i have done little more than work since.

i am not complaining because i have been doing things like creating Chinese Gods and hilarious peasants. i have also been enjoying the company of a lovely cast. for those locals who are interested in coming to see it....

The Good Woman of Setzuan
by Bertolt Brecht
translated by Eric Bentley

presented by Constellation Theatre Company
at the Clark Street Play House

Directed by Allison A. Stockman
Designed by Chris Baine, A. J. Guban, and Yvette M. Ryan

Cast: Katie Atkinson, Molly Cahill, Katy Carkuff, Catherine Deadman, John Feist, Kevin Finkelstein, Lewis Freeman, John Geoffrion, Keith Irby, Ashley Ivey, Hilary Kacser, Jenny Leopold, Lisa Lias, Kenny Littlejohn, Beckett Martin, Francisco Reinoso, Joe Thornhill, Meghan Tolmie, Yasmin Tuazon, Ron Ward.

Order tickets here.


Kevin said...


Marietta said...

what a lovely costume - the questions is, how does the real thing look :) !?!?!?!?!

Kevin said...

it looks even better than the painting! i have firsthand knowledge :)