21 August 2008

before i retreat

jess and ime and jess at her baby shower. you can see the very top of the belly bump.

i forgot to share something that happened at the shower.

i am sort of the official shower assistant. i write down who gave what and make sure we save all the pieces. i did it for her wedding shower, so i was elected for this too. well, our grandmother sat next to me so she could see the gifts better (she's 90, distance = not so good).

at the end of the gift portion of the afternoon, jess made a short a lovely thank you speech and then we all went for refills. that's when she made her move. my grandmother grabbed my arm and i thought she just wanted a hug so i gave her the hug and we had the usual "good to see you/love you/etc".... then!


grandma: hopefully we will be doing this for you in a year or two.
yvette: (!!!!)
grandma: i just want you to be happy.
yvette: (!?!?)
[long pause]
yvette: um, okay.

i escaped.
i had to. i even had to avoid he for the rest of the day because she tried to go back to the topic with me, and she went to my mother as well. i feel bad because she is 90, and i live far away, so it is not as if i see her every week. bu i think it took me at least 12 hours to fully recover.

yet it does beg one question... what exactly did my grandmother mean by "doing this for you"? because we were at a baby shower. not a bridal shower. maybe i am not giving her enough credit, but i just don't see my grandmother being that progressive.

thrift stores will be awake. off to shop my show. almost finished! see you when this beast is more complete.

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Mark said...

Aren't you afraid that Grandma Easy E might read this?