23 October 2008


me and hatremember the head shots i had taken on sunday for the company website? the proofs are up, and now i have to decide which 5 i want to have edited. here are 52 to pick from.

please help me. photos are here. i am fairly certain they won't be up much longer than a week.

leave your favourites in the comments by photo number.

or maybe i should use my self-portrait?


Mark said...

24,40.46, 5

40's your winner.

The $3000 Dress said...

let's see - - - 40 and 46 are nice for the Constellation needs - - - there are SO many to choose from! I also kinda like 23 (i think that's the one)

Anonymous said...

oooh. i like #27 and #41 and my favorite might be #50 b/c you look like a gal from a noir novel. <3