27 October 2008

my grandmother can have peace

apple piei made good use of those apples yesterday. this is my first apple pie.

i am not a very good maker of crusts, and this one is my first personal success. rW had some hand in it. he encouraged and helped cut shortening when my arm got tired.

it turned put pretty well.

the filling is made from the Rome apples we picked saturday and one Honeycrisp apple to throw in some textural variety and sweetness. i spiced it with both cinnamon and allspice.

now my grandmother can be a happy woman. it took 90 years to reach this point, but now she has the icing on the metaphorical cake... her wayward granddaughter has made a real pie. crust and all.

knitting content soon, i promise. i have been busy on secret knitting.


canadianbuttercup said...

It looks wonderful!!

Cactusneedles said...

It looks great! I make my hubby make the crust for my pies! He's much better at it than me! I like your lattice top! We always just put a full crust over the top! Very fancy!