05 February 2012

absurdity as artform

diva sunglasses make my day
wednesday i was in a goofy mood.  i was starting to not feel very well  (i know now that i was coming down with a sinus infection.) so i needed a happy outfit.

the centerpiece is the skirt, which i made.  if you look closely at the print they are 1970s meets Art Deco ladies.  it is an Alexander Henry print i bought at Exquisite Fabrics, which is currently in the process of closing...  much to my dismay.

blouse is from antho...  odille brand.  but i bough it for a whistle and a song on ebay.  ebay is a great way to score anthropologie at a reasonable price.  or to get the "rare" pieces that are gobbled up before you can find your debit card.

i realize now that this outfit is also an homage to great vintage accessories.  the gold bracelet covering my RoadID is a 70s snake bracelet. (Polly Sue's Takoma Park, MD)  the necklaces are also great find.  the long coper chain and pendent is a thunderbird, also from the 70s (Moonshadow Takoma Park, MD) and the beaded guy is one of my prized thrift store finds.

it is baltic amber in four or five colors (including butterscotch amber, which kills me) and the good people at Value Village had no idea what they were selling. i stole it at $4.99 then sunk an investment of $5 in new clasp and extender chain on a piece that would retail between $150- 200.

i wish i could high-five myself.

to truly improve a bad day one must have victory rolls, diva sunglasses, and favorite cowboy boots.  heck, yeah.

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