01 February 2012

colorblocks and stripes

Painted Love Heel by Lola Ramona

color is everywhere for spring, and i am thrilled.  

all of the store windows are showing color blocking, polkadots, and stripes.  i was talking with one of my best girls last weekend and we both confessed to be stocking up on the goodies we love while they are in style.  (she is mad for polka dots!)

i put this outfit together last friday specifically to wear those shoes.  yes, those shoes right there.  i know they are crazy, but they stole my heart away.

i purchased them during modcloth's big sale in december and it took me a month to figure out how to wear them.  i consulted my polka-dot-loving pal on that matter.

me: what do i wear these with????
nm: you have to wear these shoes with everything!  because these shoes just don't give a f*ck!

so this was my first attempt.  you must forgive the poor photo.  i am in another anthro dressing room, after all.  the belt and flower are both pink.  the blouse is a billowy silk thing in navy blue with kelly green bias trim edging the flutter sleeves.

top: Odille for anthropologie.
pants: Pilcro for anthropologie
shoes: Lola Ramona for modcloth.com
belt: target
necklace: vintage find from value village thrift store
flower: forever21

oh, and that black band on my wrist is my RoadID, not a part of the outfit.  ha!  i leave it on even when i am not out running so i won't forget to wear it.

if you run, cycle, swim, play a sport, or participate in any other activity that involves you and your ID being apart and any level of personal risk of injury, you should have a RoadID.

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