09 February 2012

i wear jeans too.

i can't believe i have been siting on this one for a week.  wait, yes i can.  i am a lazy blogger.

thursdays are some of the most relaxed days in the week for me.  i don't need to be on campus on tuesdays and thursdays this quarter.  tuesdays i clean and run errands.  thursdays are mental health days or the day i go into DC to take care of stuff and things.  thursdays are jean days.

what is better than pink jeans?  (excuse me, sulphur plum, according to adriano goldschmied.)  i can tell you....  kelly green jeans and safety cone orange corduroys in the same cut.  AG has stolen my heart.  they are pretty, comfortable, and made in the USA.

end of love letter!!!

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