18 February 2012

i rock a lot of polka dots

this outfit is dedicated to Zooey Deschanel, despite the fact that she is ruining my life.  (apparently that is my i am sad that New Girl is making quirky chic but i do love me some polka dots face.)

every man on the planet is in love with Zooey, and now if one likes to wear every color, appreciate polka dots, needs nerdy glasses to actually see, possess useful domestic skills, and has a sunny disposition in life, you are a hot commodity for pick up line coming from every shmoe taking public transit.  we big weirdies just need to weather the storm until uptight guys stop fancying free spirits.

or maybe Zooey is doing for quirkiness what J-Lo did for posteriors--acceptance.  if so, then i will raise a glass. (hey J-Lo, we never talk, but i think i never thanked you for making an ample posterior less of a crime.  thanks, gal. you did me a solid, and i appreciate it!)

the specs....

sweater: urban outfits
skirt: odille for anthropologie circa 2004.  via ebay!   heck, yeah!
necklaces: thrift store
belt: mood shadow, vintage 70s
tights: target
destroyed boots: DSW, and walking the city

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