15 April 2012

5k fridays, week 2.

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tree pollen is giving DC a nice coating of greenish yuck and makes running less than enjoyable sometimes.  this week after working all day and suffering from the pollen all week, i really did not want to run a race.

that said, i did the race, felt fine (perhaps too good, maybe i didn't kill it out there) and didn't slow down from the previous week.  i shaved 14 second off my time, probably from a combination of already knowing the course and starting out in a better position.  i didn't have to spend the better part of the first mile clawing my way through people, so i wasn't as tired by the time i reached mile 2, which is when i will start to get shoulder pains if i start any run too hard or tired.  no shoulder pain at all this week!  yay!

i learned two funny things.

first, drinking from a cup while running is hard.  i don't usually drink while running because i don't do crazy distances.  with the allergies this week i took a cup and as soon as i had it i realized i had no idea how i was supposed to do anything other than get it all over my face.

second, men running next to women are just like men driving next to women on the highway.  there were two men about my age running together who run at my pace. if i passed them, they immediately sped up in order to pass me and then paired up together again in front of me and slowed down.  this happened with the same  two men three or four times.   nice, fellas.  nice.

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