11 April 2012

5k, part one

this doesn't make me a real runner, you know.
last friday i ran my first 5k race and achieved the two goals i set for myself.

1. finishing.

2. finishing in under 30 minutes.

it was strange and much more different from just running than i thought it would be.

the most obvious difference is that there are a lot of people at a race, and they are all trying to do the same thing you are doing.  i don't really like large groups of people all together in one place.  i find it a bit overwhelming.  but on the other hand, they are a nice distraction from the fact that you are trying to run really fast and not fall apart.  my brain will give out before my legs do, so having the stupid tee shirts of the people around you to read is a great diversion.  i did my part to create an amusing spectacle for others by wearing a flower in my hair.

one of the things a close friend is often marveling at when she is at races is how different the people are who are there running.  it is very interesting to see who is running beside you and how they are doing it.  i followed a darty little kid for the first mile while weaving through the pack because everyone yields to a moppy-haired 10 year old. (thanks, kid!)  for a bit, i was running next to someone who reminded me of my father.  my favorite runner was a huge burly generously tattooed fellow wearing a bandana, shirt with the sleeves cut off, and moving generally like how you imagine a refrigerator would if it could run like all hell.

i signed up for a four week series of races, so back at it in two days.  in the spirit of having goals for myself, this week i want hang on to my time.  i finished with a much better time than i was expecting, but until i replicate it, i consider it an outlying data point.  i will be satisfied if i don't add more than a minute to my time.  goal number two is to finish stronger.  i was beyond dead at the finish line last week.  i want to give it my all again but not be a zombie.  full report if i don't puke/faint/die.

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