22 January 2007

Cotton Chronicles II: Let It Snow

outside my window
sunday night it started to snow. this is the view out one of my windows. i knew snow would happen eventually, but i was happy for it to hold off this long; i could have gone longer. i come from a land of bitter freezing winters and sweltering 100% humidity summers, so the relatively mild climate of our nation's capital is appealing.

fittingly, i was crocheting a snowflake when it all began. these flakes are part of a gift for a close friend who will currently remain nameless. (they are a surprise.) i have a while to get them done, but i want to make a lot of them, so i am getting started. i plan to put them on either colored threads or hangers so they can be used as holiday ornaments.

this set is being made in DMC Cebelia #10 crochet cotton with a 2.75mm hook. aren't they pretty? they look sort of wonky while they are being made, but they come out fantastic once they are blocked. i think that's my favourite part, the blocking. they start as small crumpled bits of thread and with a little starch and pulling, they become pretty snowflakes.

i found all of these patterns for free online. the cutie in the upper left of the picture was designed by Chloe Nightingale and can be found over at crochet me. the two larger flakes were designed by Aly Hymel. they can be found on dainty crochet. the other little guy is an orphan--i lost his mama.

this is my first jaunt into thread crochet, and so far so good. have no fear: i don't see doilies in my future. i can't rule out a tasteful vintage pattern table runner or lace edgings on a camisole, however. if i were more ambitious i would aim for the same goal my mother has set for herself: a table cloth. i'm a little too instant gratification oriented, however.

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