28 January 2007

the road to hell

my good intentions
i must complete this project. by friday. that is the deadline i have set for myself.

what is it, you may ask? what, my dear kittything, is that heap of yarn? it is a sweater--specifically a cardigan. or at least it is 2/3 of a sweater, perhaps more. i still have one sleeve and the right front side to complete, which sounds like a lot, but i have passed the hump by making the back, left side, one sleeve, both sides of the big shawl collar, and the belt. i decided not to save the belt for last because i knew i would poop out on doing it and the damn thing would never be finished. that would mean a certain someone would never get their gift.

it will be complete by the weekend. and then i will post the full details on pattern, yarn, etc. oh, yeah. and pictures that actually look like a sweater!

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