31 January 2007

drumroll please.....

it is finished!
and now the specs, to go with my brag pictures!

Shawl-Collared Wrap Cardigan
by Katherine Lee
Published in Sweaterbabe.com's Fabulous & Flirty Crochet

crocheted in Caron Simply Soft Shadows 100% acrylic with a size "J" hook. yes, yes, i know it is a shame to make such a fabulous sweater out of acrylic, but the special gal getting it as a gift can't have fuzzy animal fibers against her skin. this is also a nice yarn for acrylic. it doesn't squeak when you work with it or smell like plastic. it has a pretty satiny finish and feels very smooth and dare i say it... cuddly.

the pattern is classified as "advanced" despite the simple lace pattern repeat, and i think this is an accurate classification. the shaping is beautiful, but it requires focusing on each row to juggle the very subtle decreases and increases that are spread across several rows to complete. the sheer quantity of finishing also makes this a more advanced project. if you hate to sew seams or weave in ends, steer clear.

i made a few changes to the pattern. the original has tall split cuffs and a pocket, but i thought they looked heavy in crocheted ribbing. the collar is one thing because it should be cozy around the neck, but the cuffs look unflatteringly bulky in the shadow stripe yarn. and i just didn't want to do the pocket. not for the lady getting it.

i know i have been very secretive about the recipients of the gifts i have posted, but this one will be revealed soon. (what can i say? i like to plan ahead when i can!) perhaps she will even let me post a picture of her modeling it.



Sleeve detail--note the foxy super-flat seams and perfectly matched color chevroning! go me. ha.

Fabric detail

this was pretty intense. i think i need to go back to some quickly gratifying snowflakes!

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