29 January 2007

so, she does sew.

after making the knitting needle case as a gift, i decided i needed to move on to organizing my own supplies. i started with my crochet hooks because i have more of them, and frankly, they are a mess.

unlike the knitting needle case, this one is designed to hold the containers my hooks came in, rather than the hooks loose. i like having the packages because they have the sizes written on them. i have four packages (one pictured, the others are below the pocket line), hence four pockets. the loosey-goosey hooks you see are my tunisian crochet hooks (double ended) and a huge size S "speed hook"--perfect for making a 30 minute hat.

i also sort of like the book fold style. i still like the roll and tie knitting case, but this is nice to show off the pretty leafy exterior fabric.


ps- don't mock my cheap plastic and aluminum hooks. i don't yet have the $$$$ resources for bamboo or rosewood.

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