25 January 2007

she sews, so she says.

i designed this needle case after seeing one in a store and deciding i had better things to spend $50 on. especially since i could make one myself! i had wanted to make one for awhile, but i was inspired today when i found some fat quarters in my stash that looked pretty together and will suit the taste of a knitting friend.

quilting never really stuck for me.
these tiny bits of fabric have met a much better fate than mouldering in the attic thanks to my cheap ways. i have enough other fun fabrics to make a needle case for myself and a modified version for my crochet hooks as well. i'll post them once i get around to making them. i don't sew for myself very often because it seems too much like everyday "real" work.

i'll also try to post directions so you can make your own!



needle case!

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