22 April 2007

beauty and progress

flowersthis weekend the weather out here finally broke and we had sunshine and flowers! the tulips were in a median and i took the picture while i was parked in traffic. it was the highlight of rush hour.

i had to work at the store on saturday, but it was okay. i went out to get my lunch which meant a little walk in the sunshine. and we did a pretty good day of sales. we had one $750 sale, so that was cool. those don't happen all that often, and it was a nice change of pace from explaining to people why certain yarns are "so expensive".

sleevei also made progress this weekend on my latest knitting project. this is the sleeve for Dane's birthday sweater. it is a drop shoulder sweater, which is why the sleeve doesn't have a cap.

if you click to enlarge the photo, you'll see the yellow and royal stripes are garter stitch on the azure sockinette background. and look at the fun crinkly texture of the cotton yarn!

i love it!

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