04 April 2007

happy 50th!

model in progressblog entry, that is.

we have some progress on the store model. actually, we have a lot of progress. i have about four more rows to go in length and then the finishing. it looks shorter than the pictures, but it also has not been blocked--it really needs to be pulled down.

i made my decision, i will not be keeping the model after the season. i'm taking store credit for my time instead. i made this choice for two reasons... 1. i don't look very good in this shade of coral. 2. i would have preferred the pattern to have some waist shaping. i could have worked it into the pattern, but i needed to make it the way the directions describe because it is for the store to display.

i have a third reason, i guess. i would rather have the store credit for some other projects i want to make. the store model was a process project for me.

i have come to see that i make two types of projects. process projects and product projects. a process project for me is something i see and say "i want to make that" without really considering if i would wear it or not. penguingirl's sweater or thehairyape's afghan were process projects. i really wanted to make them, but not so much for myself, which is why they were very easy to gift.
i tend to make more product projects for myself. things i want to wear, so i will make them even if the knitting or crocheting is tedious and uninspiring. by golly... i will have the garment! the cupcake sweater is one of those projects.

now, sometimes they can be one in the same. the short 'n sweet bolero i made was something i really wanted to make because i thought it would be fun to crochet, and because i reeeeeally wanted to wear it. i have a few of those coming down the pie, but i need to finish the model and a gift first.

i'm very tired, and i took the morning off. i have had that "running on the last gallon of gas" feeling since last week. i'm hoping a few extra hours off will change that.

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