18 April 2007

he won!

congratulations go out to thehairyape and all his pals in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. monday night they won the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Ensemble. pictured to the left is thehairyape's "I won!" face. i think i will be seeing a lot of it for a while.

also note, we both clean up awful pretty.

this was a very special and exciting year at the awards because some results were highly unexpected. in past years there has been complaining about the same people always winning for doing the same old thing year after year. Congratulations, we love your mediocrity! Keep it up!

this year a lot of first time nominees who worked their butts off won. there were also a couple of nominees who had been nominated up to 8 times (!?!) and never won--but they finally got their nod this year. in a typical year there are a few underdog nominees, and at the party afterward their friends are slapping them on the back and telling them they have been robbed. this year, i think a few people who were considered a sure thing, got to walk a mile in their shoes.

nice change of pace.

i will say, however, that there were two "i'm honored, as usual, because i win this every year" speeches, and i am thinking daggers at those people. have some class--don't sound as rented as your tuxedo.

here are the photos of monday night. enjoy!

helen hayes awards 2007

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