15 April 2007

the past revisited

it has been a busy week and weekend! the album link below will take you to the photos i took at a wedding i attended on saturday. it was lovely, and i am extremely happy for the couple. i am friends with the groom from way back, and i am pleased to see him happy and with the right gal. check out the album to see wedding highlights including the cake being cut with my friend's military dress uniform sword!
Kent's and Dana's Wedding

earlier in the week, one of my college roommates was in town checking out a PhD program. we had a great time catching up, and she brought photos of her little boy with her. here is the cutie pie. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will be moving here soon because his mama may be going to school near me soon!

i like rice!

it is hard to eat an apple when you only have 2 teeth.

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