29 April 2007

full bloom

yesterday i took a walk through my neighborhood. we are in full spring! this is one of my favourite parts of living in takoma park. people here have a lot of plants, but they don't torture them into manicured shapes. they are natural and pretty.

click to enlarge--these pictures are worth it!

this is the house around the corner from me. they have amazing azaleas. they will peak later this week. pretty!

this is a close up on an amzing tree some people down the street have in their front yard. it is probably 40 feet high and full of blooms that drag all the way to the ground.

science at work! this little field of bells across from my house shows natural hybridization. see the blue, white, and mix color? awesome. science still works!

my neighborhood is call "Between the Creeks" because... well... we live between two creeks. i am at one extreme edge and this is the creek 100 yards from my front door. the bell flowers grow near it.

i love daffodils. aren't the peachy colored center neat? i've never seen them that color before.

iris! look at it. these are very typical in ohio, but i almost never see them out here. when i was little we had a whole huge bed of them in the front yard and they smelled like grape candy to me. here there is one plant, and they don't smell. boo.

phlox! we had these in our yard when i was in high school. you also don't see a lot of them here, and they don't spread to be as big as they get in ohio. i think they like the special kind of nasty weather you can only get in ohio.

enlarge this one!
this is the bottle tree that the folks a block away keep. they put it in this fall, and it is colorful year round. i really want to know if they bought it finished or if they drank all of those bottles of wine to put on the tree.

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