17 November 2007

coy? who, me?

manos ballit is official. the Manos del Uruguay project is finished. too bad the recipient is one of my close girlfriends and a blog reader. no pictures for you until december. oh, the suspense!

i can say that the little ball at left is all i have left. isn't Bramble a pretty color? yum. and the wool was fun to knit with.

so that brings the completed gift count to 11. i have 2 active gift projects on the needles, and i need to start one last crochet project. we will see if anyone else sneaks on the last minute list.

on thursday i went to lunch and christmas shopping with my galpal A. she and i hadn't had big kid one on one time in awhile. her hubby was at work, the little one was in daycare, and she didn't have class. it was great. we ate. we shopped. we laughed.

i scored both my father's birthday gift and his "purchased" holiday gift. once i finish his 2nd knitted gift (the log cabin socks) i should be done with him. stocking excluded, but i always do the stocking gift last minute. he can be hard to buy for.

i don't do last minute. he pushes me to it sometimes, but i love him anyway.

i need an idea for my grandmother. past winners: cotton night gowns, handmade scarf, crocheted dishcloths, frozen beer mugs. i need some new suggestions.

throw a dog a bone!

ps- the completion of this project puts me at 51 finished objects for 2007.

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Donna said...

Hey Yvette, How have you been. I can see you have been busy knitting away. The socks are beautiful and look marvelous on you. I never blocked socks....maybe I am missing something? That Bramble colored yarn in yummy. I am weak when is comes to variegated yarn. I love it. Suggestion for Grandma: Book (what else from a librarian), picture of you and siblings in a lovely frame, new piece of art work for walls, handmade felted slippers, manicure/pedicure gift certificate for the two of you to have some time together. Yummy Godiva chocolates, too expensive to buy for yourself, must be a gift. Well, I'll try to think up some more....hang in and have a very Happy Thanksgiving! P.S. Great work on all those Christmas gifts. You are awesome!