19 November 2007

grandma kitty

i know just enough about technology to have a lot of fun with it. as opposed to the things i know just enough about to be dangerous. like repairing my own car.

i knew technorati existed. i never really dug into what it is or noticed that my blog has its own page. freaking weird, man. i don't have time to see everything on the internet! i have things to knit and crochet!

speaking of... two other things.

1. i don't like the keyword tags that technorati filtered to the top for my blog. they make me feel shallow. i mean... when was the last time i tagged something "parties"? hell, when was the last time i went to a party?

2. knit.1 magazine. high on patterns. low on content. i know i am way behind the curve because it came out in september, but what is up with the interview of Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott?

i have nothing against them. go. be happy.

i do have something against reading a fluff article about what cool knitters they are to only discover in said article that they each only know the knit stitch. tori cannot cast on or bind off for herself... and she has been "knitting" for 4 years!

tori says...
One day I decided I wanted a hobby, something to do instead of vegging out in front of the TV. I wanted to be productive and creative. I had already tried painting and that didn't work, so I drove to a store and sat inside with the ladies for six hours while they taught me to knit.

maybe i am also down on this article because Vickie Howell did the interview, and her taste (in this one woman's opinion) leaves much to be desired.

but now that i have said something mean about her taste, i do discover that her blog can be a source of useful and interesting information. like the fact that Will Forte knits.

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