28 November 2007

in the continuing saga of home repair and improvement

remember the squirrel in my apartment?

i have been told his name is "chippy". well, chippy & friends still have a way in and out of my closet and they have been taking advantage of that. hopefully that will stop today because the landlords have ponied up the bucks to have the gutters and fascia replaced on the house.

well, almost.

the contractors were supposed to be here at 8am. they didn't arrive until 11:15. now i am concerned about the way they swing a ladder. my windows may not be so safe in this adventure...

and i was the naive one who thought all of my problems from the last apartment would be solved by living on the top floor. nope. new problems. mostly related to ladders and squirrels.

major knitting questions....
do i start another pasha? or another pair of fetching? i promised one of each to friends. due date is after the holiday, but i am considering getting started now so 2008 can be the year of the sock right from the get-go.

gathered pullover is coming along. well, the first sleeve is. it is the perfect mindless knitting for sitting in a design run or rehearsal.


Donna said...

Oh, knit the Pasha...he is so cute! You are amazing as usual. All your gifts done and ready to wrap...who are and where do you come from. Everything looks beautiful and so does your Christmas Tree. Isn't nice to spread the cheer? Are you sure that you work too? I am jealous! Take care and have fun!

P.S. Thanks for the marker tip. I will try it. I did think of it, but wasn't too sure how to have them marking the right spot for the other yarn over and knit two tog. row. Any suggestions?

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