09 November 2007

free at last, free at last

black beaniefive hats in four weeks and i need a little break from headgear.

i stayed up later than i should have last night finishing this baby for my friend R. can't you tell by the picture? i am tired, not tragic. although i do have a tempting caption on the tragique side...

My beanie is black, and so is my soul.


i'm not doing the full project breakdown on this darling because....

1. it is a black beanie. it doesn't have a name.
2. i made it up as i went.
3. it is crocheted in stash yarn from a mysterious time and place without a tag. it is a wool/acrylic blend by feel.
4. i can't get too attached because i am thinking it is 50/50 as to whether of not R. will wear it. for a man with limited fashion sense, he sure is picky. i think he will have wished i knit a hat instead of crocheted it. but why knit? his wife knits, so i should make him something she can't.

i love R. so don't give me that look. i just am being realistic about the fact that if there is anyone on my list that i didn't match the perfect project to the person... it is R.

this year even my father's projects are perfect! this rarely happens. he loves that i make him things, but he doesn't wear them all the time. i think he's going to really dig what i made (am making!!! eeek!!) for him.

now that i am down one, i am trying to decide what to do next in the holiday game plan. regarding my sidebar fondly i see mittens that i will be finishing in class next tuesday. the staggered rib scarf doesn't have a due date. manos project is at the finishing stage. log cabin socks... long way to go.

so socks.
and do i start my last crochet project? or my last scarf? tough call.

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Donna said...

Hi Yvette, I see you have been busy making Christmas goodies. Great fun. I have three scarves finished as extra gifts for for family. I also have one bag felted
as a gift for my niece/god daughter. I am sure everyone will love their gifts and I love the crocheted beret. You crochet so well...mine is limited to granny squares! Take care of yourself, cold and flu season is here!
Your "blog-mom" Donna.