05 November 2007

a day of rest

i was released from the show for today. my brave and fearless leader hopes she won't be in need of any more of my services. as much as i enjoy hanging with my pal K-G, i am tired, and this day off has done me good.

i crocheted a whole holiday gift, finished 80% of another knitted gift, and had the first read of a new project this evening.

i am tired, i may be catching the evil cold that has been floating around, and the pal ale at my side makes me want to crawl into bed.

don't be too impressed with the speed at which i crocheted said gift. i was using a super bulky yarn and a size "Q" hook. the swatch pictured is all you will get to see of it for another month because this is a present for one of my girlfriends who is a blog reader. (now that i have all of your attention.... ha!)

i am a little stressed about getting all of my gifts finished. i have assigned myself 16 projects for a total of 10 people. i have completed 9 items. i am in progress on 3. i have bought the yarn and planned out another 3, and i have 1 that i know what class of item it will be, but the pattern and yarn have not been selected.

of these outstanding items, 2 are crochet projects. 4 are knits. and 1 is... well... still, undecided.

there is a distinct possibility that 2 projects may fall off the list, which is good because i would be closer to my goal (and i would cut out both a colorwork and a cabled project) but it is also bad because it would mean i am still cranky with that person.

boo on people making me cranky. don't do it--you will get a store purchased gift.

speaking of gifty things.... my swap pal is yet to inform me that she has received her package. i am getting worried. if i don't hear anything by tomorrow evening, i will email my hostess.

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