01 February 2007

success! (and a gift revealed)

last night i gave away the glorious sweater to my even more glorious gal, the lovely penguingirl. there. secret revealed.

that is the back of ms. penguingirl wearing the sweater. i have a front view, but she isn't very fond of the picture because we quickly re-tied the sweater and it is hanging funny... oh, who am i kidding? we had both had a few beers and it was almost 2am when we snapped the pictures. it does, however, look fantastic. and, AND... the sleeves are the perfect length for my petite pal.

i had an amusing moment with another party-goer who was impressed/excited enough to say "ohhh! you make sweaters for people!?". ha. no, i don't make sweaters for people. only the truly worthy get handmade sweaters, usually people who understand and appreciate the many hours i put into the garment. i will go so far as to say, the recipient needs to be not only worthy of a handmade gift, they have to be someone who will use it. i don't buy into the idea that something is "too nice to use". if it is that nice, it should be used until it wears out so the maker can create a new one.

i have another funny gift-related story from the bar. the party last night was a joint affair for penguingirl (birthday girl) and our friend CG (birthday boy). thehairyape and i were talking to CG and his ladyfriend CD when CG dropped his scarf, which thehairyape returned and brought on this exchange.

CG: thanks. my girlfriend made it for me.
thehairyape: oh, yeah? well, my girlfriend made this hat for me. and i have another one she made at home.
CG: [to CD] you've never made a hat for me.
CD: yeah, because you would lose it.
CG: i would not. i haven't lost this scarf you made me.
CD: whatever.
CG: [to thehairyape] well, you don't have a handmade scarf.
kittything: the hairyape doesn't wear scarves.
thehairyape: [smug look]

men will compete on any topic. =)
by the by, i finally took real pictures of the afghan i made for thehairyape for christmas. i'll post one soon.

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