02 May 2007

happy may day

i want a may pole. i got to do the little may pole dance in 6th grade when we had a middle ages fair. it was pretty sweet. i think you have to be a big dork like me to think a may pole is sweet. that's because what they don't show you in the cartoons is how the ribbons weave together and look very cool. plus, my mom was there that day helping in class (have i mentioned in the last 10 minutes how much she rocks?) so she got to watch.

i'm still a big dork.
she probably doesn't even remember the may pole, but i thought it was great.

spring progress is here.
i've been plugging away on Dane's sweater. some days i get a chance to sit and knit for an hour, and then i get a lot done. other times i just get to do one stripe. but i make that my goal every day.

i got the idea from my mom. she knits and crochets in the morning a lot because she feels fresh and has good light. well, i'm not a morning person, but i am more of a morning person when i start the day by getting up a little bit earlier and doing one whole stripe (8 rows in the garter stripes, 4 rows in the sockinette stripes) before hitting the shower... or work email.

so i do a stripe in the morning and a stripe at night. i think it is very relaxing. and it means... progress! as you can see the two fronts, both sleeves and part of the back are all done. i need to finish the back and do the neck band and button bands.

getting close!

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penguingirl said...

I love the may pole too. I have good memories of singing madrigals in college on may day.