31 March 2007

i'm a tired girl.

model startedand i have not been able to work on my own projects becuae i am making things for other purposes. i am crocheting a cap for the opera being produced at my alma mater. i am also making a store model for BossLady to display in the shop.

we don't have very many (if any at all) crocheted models, so i am making a lace tunic from Amazing Crocheted Lace in a fantastic bamboo yarn. we sell a lot of this yarn, and it is a stunning fiber to work with. i am making this particular model in a coral color we can't seem to move. people just feel nervous about how vibrant it is.

most knitters are wussies. they can't take the color, so they stay out of the dye room. bah. we'll see about that. having a model on the floor is a way to make things move. people always want to use the model color. mostly because they have no imagination.

a longer, more personal, and more upbeat post should come next week. i've been working really hard this week, and i am wiped.

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