18 May 2007

concept rabbit

best bunnythis is my first crocheted friend. isn't he sweet?

yesterday at work BossLady was saying she wanted to make a store model so cute it would make customers die. some of us pointed out this would be a bad strategy for business and too many of our customers are getting old and dying anyway. well, i think the bunny is almost that cute.

please don't die from reading my blog.

here are the pattern details...

Best Bunny
designed by the Evil Empire: Lion Brand and published on their website--free!
pink tail
crocheted in scrap amounts (less than half a skein) of Tahki Cotton Classic (100% mercerized cotton) in magenta and Berrocco Touche (50% cotton, 50% modal rayon) in 7917 "peeps" on a size "H" US crochet hook.

the supplies for this darling came from the scraps left from the penguin and my pink and black cotton skirt. he is supposed to be made of a wool blend, but i think cotton is more fun to snuggle than wool--at least on your cheek. and we all know the cheek test is the most important. i suppose i could have made him out of angora and then he would have been a bunny made out of bunny. ha.

i only made one tiny change to the pattern. i embroidered more nose on him than they indicated. my big decision was about the tail.

i have scrap white yarn left from the penguin, but thehairyape suggested that he should have a pink tail because a white tail is too traditional for a yellow bunny with magenta ears. hence, the title of "concept rabbit". well, as the picture shows, the concept rabbit got his pink tail. he will have to meet thehairyape when he returns from his business trip.

that's right; he is gone, and for three whole weeks! (that is not an excitement exclamation mark) i guess that means i should post some fair progress on my projects for the next few weeks.

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