29 May 2007


sockletthis is my first not-a-sock. i really like it, but the project gets no respect. one of the other gals i work with at the LYS went so far as to tell me to my face that she thought it is stupid.

i think you have to wear it to appreciate the idea. i like to wear flip flops and these add a nice bit of cushion for the ball of your foot.

and they are a good excuse to knit something little in koigu! isn't this colorway pretty?

you can download the pattern on the german Coats & Clark site here.... Coats.de. don't worry, the pattern is written in english. i think this might be the pattern i use to test out the Cascade Fixation--short and sweet!


Marietta said...

well that erson they are a dumb bunny! (can't you tell i have a kid now? - 'cause i could say something worse)

always try little projects to try out new yarns - especially ones that are not cheap - discount or not!

penguingirl said...

I think they're totally sweet. BTW, I tagged you on my blog...check it out.