17 May 2007

creature comforts

penguinlately i have been interested in making little friends. little yarn-errific friends. they are fast a fun!

i decided to make the penguin to practice short row shaping, which is a technique i will need to use in a sweater i plan to knit for myself. next up is a crocheted bunny made from scraps from the penguin and a cotton skirt.

the details....

Pasha the Penguin
designed by Alexandra Virgiel
published on www.Knitty.com (winter 2004 issue)

knit in Berrocco Touche (50% cotton, 50% Modal Rayon. 1 partial skein each of 7900 "Bleach", 7999 "Jet", and 7917 "Peeps") on size 5 US needles.

eyesthis penguin is not named Pasha. i don't know what his name is yet, but it is certainly not Pasha. he is just not that Chekovian. but he is fat! rotund even.

i really enjoyed this project, and it went nice and fast. i'm really looking forward to making more friends. i am considering a turtle on the knitty website as my next knit friend. crocheted bunny coming soon!

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