09 May 2007

ready for #1

sweateri finished the birthday sweater! i'm way ahead of schedule, too. Dane doesn't turn 1 until July 20th. now i need to find a stuffed creature to wear it.

i want to send the present on a stuffed friend because Dane will probably like the friend more than the sweater, which is really for his mama to enjoy. the project details...

Striped Cardi
designed and published by the anonymous soul-sucking Empire That Fun Fur Built--Lion Brand.

size 24 months knit in SweaterKits CottonLicious (100% cotton 2 skeins #05 Ocean, 2 skeins #14 Azure, 3 skeins #06 Sunshine) on a size US 6 needle.

this was my first Real Knit Sweater. i have done a top down raglan, but that was easier and required very little finishing. this pattern actually required me to pick up stitches, make button holes, and sew seams. i accomplished all of those tasks and the very annoying task of weaving in all of the ends in a striped garment.

next sweater: shaped arm holes, baby.

the yarn i used is fun, but it took some getting used to. the CottonLicious is very similar to Mission Falls 1824 Cotton or Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria. it has the same wiggly texture as both of them, but it is brighter than the colors of the Missions Falls and it is more even than the Manos because it isn't hand kettle dyed. the wiggliness of the yarn makes it sort of hard to knit until you get used to the way the texture drags.

this means my knitting got prettier as i went. the first sleeves was only so-so, but the last piece is fantastic.

i hope Dane and his mama like he gift!

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