03 May 2007

happy birthday mum!

shawltoday is my mama's birthday, and this is what i made for her! she opened it this morning, and it got the Mom Seal of Approval.

all summer she leads a very nice life in a bikini with a cool drink in her hand. the shawl is multi purpose. it can be worn as a swimsuit coverup, like a sarong, or it can go the traditional keep-the-air-conditioning-away shawl route.

the project details....

Sweet Pea Shawl
designed by Amy Hirtes
published in Deb Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker

crocheted in 6 skeins of Classic Elite Flash (100% Mercerized Cotton in color #6127 "Lotus Blossom") with a size "J" hook. as written, the shawl takes one whole skein of yarn for the fringe. if you are not the fringy type, you only need 5.

detaili really like this yarn. it is machine washable, and the colors are really vivid.

not such a big fan of making the pattern. it is very cleverly constructed, but the stitches are mostly double treble crochet, and i find they don't have a nice rhythm. you also start on the long side of the shawl and decrease two shells every row until you reach the final shell in the V. this makes the first 10 rows seem laborious. but the last 10 just fly by! in the end, the annoying pattern was worth it because the shawl turned out quiet pretty!

FYI to all who may do this later.... you seriously need to block this baby. it looks sorta wrinkly and scrunched up (not to mention too small) until you give it a really nice pulling into shape. then it is lovely!

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