15 May 2007

real work

opusi've been busy busy. we have been teching and doing dress rehearsals for Harold Pinter's play Betrayal at Everyman Theatre in Baltimore.

i like working there. the company is fun, the people are rockin', and the whole operation has a humble quality even though they are experiencing great success and growing rapidly.

the picture to the left is from the show i designed there this fall--Michael Hollinger's Opus. photo by Stan Barouh. go check him out!

the details on the current project....

by Harold Pinter
directed by Donald Hicken
at the Everyman Theatre May 16-June 24

featuring: Deborah Hazlett, Timmy Ray James, Whalen J. Laurence and Jason Strunk. buy tickets here.

updates on knitting and such (and maybe some photos of Betrayal) coming soon!

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