19 May 2007

hardcore happiness

bluebirdi couldn't get to sleep last night. usually i stay up late on fridays with thehairyape, and with him out of state, i settled for crocheting and watching the second half of Cocktail on TBS. a pretty typical friday, but he wouldn't be caught dead watching TBS.

look who i made! he is a hardcore bluebird of happiness, and he was inspired by the Birds of a Feather over at Bittersweet. hers are a little sweeter, but the hardcoreness of my little bluebird of happiness was more his choice than mine.

i was merrily making him according to the Bittersweet pattern when i began to run short on azure yarn. (i'm used leftovers of SweaterKits CottonLicious from Dane's birthday sweater) so i subtracted a even few rounds (7 instead of 10) to make him a little shorter and finished the last round with the ocean blue. the ocean inspired me to give him a birdie mohawk.

the yarn and the mohawk made me decide to give him to Dane with the sweater (i have a photo of Dane with his "Sid Viscous" hair) so i had to modify the facial features so they would be safer for the little guy. the crocheted beak was a happy accident and the embroidered eyes give him an even more hardcore look.

my last mod was to do one less round in the wings to make them more in scale with his shorter body. clearly i cannot leave well enough alone. i plan to make some more of these little guys according to the written pattern with some of my bigger scraps of yarn.

go check out the other little friends and whimsies available on Bittersweet. they are great!

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